Lynn Owen Acupuncture


I would like to thank Lynn for the acupuncture treatment she has given me. Now being virtually pain free, having suffered for so long it is wonderful, my quality of life has improved and i'm enjoying every day.

I wish that i'd had this treatment a long time ago.

Thank you so much Lynn for allowing me to have an enjoyable existence.

Judy Roberts.

Thank you Lynn, for helping me with my sciatic pain, I am now able to walk without terrible pain, also thank you for the valuable lifestyle advice, I am now more aware of my posture than ever before.

Mrs M Morris.

Thank you for helping me, my headaches and neck pain, are so much better, I was taking painkillers several times a day, now i only take them once or twice a month, usually when i've been over doing things. thank you for your treatment and good advice.

Ms J Johns.